A poem written for two beautiful souls

For Ryan and Kirsty on your wedding day I wrote this but thought we should remember it a year later

Take this day as a day that will last forever

Watch the ocean breathe as it lifts your hearts across the moving sand

Open your arms and embrace the wind for it brings a new dream

A dream to reach the depth of your spirit

Carry your love to the extent of your imaginations

Hold it there and explore its vastness and truth

Your hearts are bound in the beauty of your honesty and the purity of your beliefs

Your souls laced together by the threads of happiness which play the songs of your future

Dance to these

Rise and fall to every beat and chord

Listen to your hearts as they will be the mirror to your spirits

Watch the waves of the sea as they are the heartbeat of the earth

Just as your hearts will beat an ocean of memories a sea of laughter and rivers of love.

These will write the story of your life

Be each others day and night

And we will watch the inspiration of your love fuel the smiles of our souls

Through every sunrise and sunset.

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1 Response

  1. lindland says:

    Col – your words are even more moving reading them a year later. Think you should post on each anniversary! Hope you are still composing your magical poetry. XL