Winning the rat race

The inevitable rat race…the one we find ourselves in shortly after finishing studying and finding our first job.  Stay on top, stay ahead, do better, get paid more, buy more, live better, live faster, drive faster, drive a better car.  When does the race end?

Having lived in this race for nearly 10 years I slowly started to realise it was a race we can never win. I happen to be an incredibly competitive person and prefer to take part in things I can win or at least have a good chance of winning.  Hence my aversion to gambling – it is just to risky for me not being able to control whether I can win or not.  But the rat race is certainly not a sprint it is a never-ending marathon.  Every time you make headway, someone comes along with something newer, better, faster or just nicer.  Your elation of your achievement is short-lived and you begin to search for the next thing.  Exhaustion begins to set in and you will eventually get left behind, yes please.

What does one do when faced with an un-winnable race?  Stop, step out the fast lane and take stock of what you have actually achieved.  Stand alone achievements not in comparison to a friend or relative.  Just your own on their own.  Suddenly you become aware of what you have and if you stop racing for the next thing you can take the time to bask in the glory of life.  Life today, not tomorrow or next month.  Living now, with what you have, what you have accomplished and what you can pack into your car.  Trust me it is all you will ever need, that and a cold beer perhaps.

How do you get out of this race? Well that is up to you but it is so important to put emphasis on the abundance of what we have right now rather than the wants of tomorrow.

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3 Responses

  1. kmblaine says:

    Love this, especially the photo.

  2. Maryke says:

    I LOVE your new blog!! Can’t wait to see what you’ll write next.

  3. Doug & Linda says:

    Col – such wisdom from one so young. You’ve really hit the mark with your philosophy. Keep on living the day! LLLL