What is your sense of humour?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are laughing uncontrollably at someone else’s misfortune or stifling a laugh in a meeting because of a sarcastic comment?  What is it that defines ‘sense of humour’ and what makes you laugh?

Is it childishness that makes you chuckle at silliness or are you weird because toilet humour makes you roll around on the floor.  Sarcasm is reportedly the lowest form of wit but a well placed sarcastic comment can have me flaring my nostrils and grunting under my breath.  There are certain things that everyone finds funny but few are willing to admit.

What about when you are casually walking down the street with a friend when all of a sudden their feet seem to disappear from underneath them along with mud squelching sound effects and you find them sitting bum first in a mud patch looking bewildered.  You try to help them and look concerned while desperately trying to stifle  a laugh that threatens to explode complete with grunts and belly pains. My poor mother is often at the receiving end of my search for humour as I tuck myself behind cupboard doors or in dark corners leaping out at her as she innocently goes about her business.  This generally results in a groaning wail that crescendos into a yell and a rush down the corridor to the loo.  Leaving me howling with laughter at my success.  All is generally forgiven quite rapidly as I hear her snorting and cackling from the bathroom at my catching her out once again.  She had to have known I would never truly grow up when I started this at a very young age and the constant successes have only fueled me on well into my 30s.

Whether you have a dry sense of humour or a conversation about farting has you guffawing my guess is it is never in the content but rather the timing, a talent for which only a few people are lucky enough to have. Try and define your sense of humour and let me know and while you do your research….happy chuckles.

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3 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    You r brilliant. I am hosing myselfing because I can see Mum…so brilliant.

  2. Doug & Linda says:

    Your poor mother has the best sense of humour! You, on the other hand, are in a class of your own!

  3. kmblaine says:

    Chuckle chuckle – this did have me chuckling at the memories of those frights as I often did the same thing to my sister when I was young!!