About Colleen

The time spent as a young girl growing up in Botswana and Zimbabwe, with holidays in the Southern African bush from the Kalahari to Hwange and to the forests of the Tsitsikamma undoubtedly planted the seed which itches at my feet and fabricates dreams of exploration and adventure. After doing my time in the corporate world I felt brave enough to tackle my dream of writing for a living…this is where I am!

The ability to write and share my love of food, travel, the bush, people, conservation and adventure has taken me to places that only existed in my dreams. Today I have the freedom to share with everyone how I see things, how I experience them and get people to travel along with me through my words and photos.

I am not fussy about how, where and who I travel with nor am I fazed as to the time it takes to get anywhere.  I love to sit and stare out the window of a car watching the world go by absorbing its every detail like a sponge, thirsty for new views.  Like so many other people I would love to experience every corner of the world finding all the stories as I go, if not however, I am content to explore my home country. The beauty held within the borders of South Africa and Southern Africa will fill pages and books to come. I hope that I am lucky enough to keep writing them.